Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I am the Coach!

                My kids play sports.  It is kind of a rule in our house that you have to be involved in something extracurricular.  They have participated in cheerleading, flag football, basketball, tackle football, softball and baseball.  Of all these they have somewhat settled on softball and baseball.  This is the 6th season playing softball for my daughter and my sons 5th playing baseball.  It has been amazing watching them grow and learn these sports.  I am still in awe sometimes at how good they have become.  My son played for a really great coach last year and is on the same team again this year.  My daughter is on the same team as she was last year as well; however, this season she has a few new coaches…me, my husband, and a friend!

                The men have let me take the lead on this and so far I am loving it! I love working with the girls; teaching them, introducing new drills to them, working on the fundamentals with them, and watching them become ballers! I have one aggressive dad on the team and he has been helping out.  He is a nice guy and has a lot of experience so we slowly allowed him to come on the field and help with the practices.  I realized the other day that somehow he had totally taken over the practices.  It was as though I was no longer leading, I no longer had a voice.  It’s funny because I didn’t even realize it was happening, or that it had happened; all of the sudden I found myself taking a seat while this dad ran practice.  “What the hay?” I said to myself.  “How did this happen and how do I get this back?” After some serious thought about how I feel about this team and how much I wanted to be the coach to these young ladies, I came up with a game plan and executed it at the next practice.  I felt that the practice went great and I truly feel as though things have been realigned.  What is my point you ask? It is amazing to me that this dad had me questioning whether or not I was good enough to do this or if I should even be a coach.  I have decided that Yes I am good enough and Yes I should be their coach! This is what my 40 buckets is all about.  Doing things that I have always wanted to do but have not been brave enough, strong enough, or confident enough to do.  So I shall continue on this season with these great young ladies and I plan on teaching them as much as I can while, hopefully, we all have a blast! 


  1. I'm proud of you!

  2. That's awesome Julie! I don't think I would ever feel comfortable to coach Cooper and Sara. Keep up the good work!