Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Emptying Buckets

     I decided to start this blog because I wanted to chronicle my journey of improving my life and achieving new goals one bucket at a time.  This whole “improving my life” thing really began about three years ago.  I suddenly realized I was about to be thirty years old and wasn’t doing much with my life.  I had been sitting on the sidelines waiting for things to happen instead of out there calling the plays.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do exactly but I knew that something had to change.  This is when I truly began running. 
     At that time in my life the farthest I had ever run was 5 miles.  I never thought about running as being enjoyable or entertaining.  So when my hubby came home from work one day and said that he and a few of his buddies were going to run a half marathon I thought “well hell, if you can do it I can do it! Sign me up!” that’s when it all began! Since then I have completed several races and just this past Sunday I ran my first full marathon! On the final days leading up to the big race I started reflecting on the past few years and how what I once thought was impossible has now become very much possible.  This thought alone really made me think…if I once thought it was crazy to run a half marathon and I did that, and I once thought it was insane to run a full marathon and I was about to do that, then what else am I not doing, not experiencing, not living because I have written it of as too hard, or crazy, or insane!  This is when I got the idea for the 40 bucket list. 
     Here is the plan: I am giving myself eight years (only because that will take me to age 40) to really start accomplishing things that I never thought I could or would.  I have started a list, numbered 1 to 40, of things I would like to accomplish in the next eight years.  A lot of the list is running goals, but I want to broaden my list and start tackling other things as well.  Some of the items on the list are really farfetched and scary to me (completing an ironman), other things are much more simple but something I have never done (take a yoga class)! So there it is! The 40 buckets plan! So feel free to join me on my journey and see how many buckets I can empty!


  1. I LOVE this~! What a great idea. These are some really great goals. I share a few of those as well. I look forward to seeing you empty those buckets and reading about it on the way!

  2. GREAT list!!! Big sur marathon is on my list! Except that I'm already 40!! Love to see you at one of these races!! (no iron man for me though!)

  3. I think it is great that you are getting involved in life instead of sitting on the sidelines...that is what I have done my whole life. You go girl! I am very proud and motivated by you and Mike. Keep up the good work and I will continue to read about it.

  4. You're inspiring me to do a bucket list of my own. Good for you Julie! Congratulations marathoner!